What is Your Career Change Tactic?

I didn’t realize that I had a career change tactic before an interview series with 52 career changes in early 2020. The interesting thing was, these interviewees didn’t know they had a tactic either.

Finding purpose … in a nutshell

I think I already shared with you that I changed careers and jobs way too often. What I didn’t understood until later was that the thing that drove me to change was a lack of purpose. I always hoped I find purpose in the next job, but I never did. “Follow your purpose” did not work for me. It was a chase that never ended.

Balance – The Key To Life Transitions

sportsman doing handstand under bridge in city

I just finished watching a video featuring Nancy K. Schlossberg, who is one of the pioneers of life transition research. Schlossberg, far from a dry academic, tells us what she sees as the key in managing transitions successfully: