From Consultant To Developer

Johan Forslund was a consultant who was unsatisfied with his job and dreamed of becoming a developer. In our interview Johan shared some of his experiences and insights he gained from his career transition.

Standing Out to Get In!

Ivan De Ramón Outside Of Google's London office

The unusual story and the unexpected results of a student who had the courage to stand in front of the London google office to score a job interview.

Are you a seeker, a pleaser, or ..

photo of woman looking at the mirror

We all think we are somewhat self-aware when asked. But it turns out, that we are self-aware to different degrees. This results in four categories of self-awareness: Aware, seeker, pleaser, and introspector. Which one do you fall into?

How Self-Aware are You?

Do you see yourself clearly? Over 90% think they do, but according to research by Dr. Tasha Eurich and team, only 10-15% are really self-aware.⁠

Ready for a career do-over?

I just found out about Jon Acuff’s book “Do-Over” which presents a neat framework on about how to master career transitions.