From Consultant To Developer

Johan Forslund was a consultant who was unsatisfied with his job and dreamed of becoming a developer. In our interview Johan shared some of his experiences and insights he gained from his career transition.

My top three takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Starting to experiment with what you want to do next to get a real understanding of what it is like. Johan started doing small coding projects while he was still working as a consultant.
  2. You can not fully plan it, so give yourself time to find your way through your transition. After setting some time aside for small programming projects, Johan took an unpaid leave from work. He planned to use this leave to learn more about becoming a developer in the hopes to reposition himself. He also started to look for opportunities to start working as a developer. Taking a leave gave him security as he knew he could go back to his old job. It also gave him a deadline and a motivation to try everything he could to find his way.
  3. Share your ambitions with people you friends as well as former colleagues and people you know that are already working in that industry or field. Ask them to share their experience, advice, and for feedback on what you are trying.

Johan’s LinkedIn Profile

What are your takeaways and reflections?

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