How am I special?

Journal Prompt #7

Are you special? Are you “some one”? I love these questions which Nilofer Merchant just raised on LinkedIn.⁠ Nilofer contributed to our speaker series last year with a session on Onlyness. I really appreciate her for her thought provoking ideas which inspired today’s journal prompt.

This prompt is a great follow-up to last week’s prompt and a reminder that our becoming starts and ends with us. Not the next job or the next lucky break but with who we uniquely are. ⁠

When I think about “How am I special?” I am thinking about what makes me uniquely me. I think that being special comes from a unique combination of qualities including a persons’ values and the resulting attitudes, strength, and purposes. Thinking about it this way made me realize that I am special, while I’m also the same.

I am similar to others as I value education and hanging out with other nerds (at university). I love adventure, exploring and living in new places. I enjoy the freedom to create what I find meaningful. Taken by themselves these things are not that special. However, I think that the combination is. It is the combination that makes me a misfit for the university as I love adventure and the freedom to create new, meaningful, things. I am a misfit for larger organizations as I hate repetitive tasks and hierarchies – although I acknowledge their value. The list goes on.

But knowing that I am a misfit that does not fit 100% in any of these places makes me realize that I am special. It made me move on pushed me to discover who I am. It also made me realize which places I can uniquely occupy in the world. And while the journey wasn’t easy I am happy to have found a place where I can be the “special” person I am today 😉

This brings me back to you and the question:

How are you special?

As this prompt shows, journaling is one of the most powerful self-development tools out there. The best part, it is free!

Once you developed a journaling habit, you have it for life. You won’t even need prompts anymore. Journaling is like a paper coach without a $250 US/h price tag.

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