If life was a journey, where do you think you’re at?

Journal Prompt #1

This prompt was inspired by an insightful conversation I had with Sebastian Keilich. It helped us to zoom out and see the larger picture, revealing some of the thoughts and ideas that guide us in our becoming.

I love the insight that a journal prompt can lead to, so I thought I’d share this one with you.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts regarding to “where along the journey you are.”

As this prompt shows, journaling is one of the most powerful self-development tools out there. The best part, it is free!

Once you developed a journaling habit, you have it for life. You won’t even need prompts anymore. Journaling is like a paper coach without a $250 US/h price tag.

In case you want to step up your journaling game, and develop journaling as a self-coaching habit, check out the Journaling 101 course. It will teach you techniques that researchers found to help you grow personally and professionally, get happier, manage your time, and overcome obstacles.

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