Ready for a career do-over?

I just found out about Jon Acuff’s book “Do-Over” which presents a neat framework on about how to master career transitions.

I discovered Jon‘s book, listening to an interview he gave at The School Of Greatness podcast. What I liked about Jon’s work is that he simplified the four possible career transitions into a simple framework. So, if you …

  • Hit a career bump (e.g. unexpected layoff) – try relying on your relationships.
  • Hit a career ceiling – learn new skills that matter to your boss, company, or industry, hear dig deep to find the skills you already have and could use more deliberately at work (e.g. Christmas party PLANNING, LISTENING to co-workers problems, …).
  • Seek a career jump (a.k.a. do your own thing) – develop your character, here Jon recommends cultivating generosity (give more than you receive), empathy (How would you feel in their shoes?), and presence (being in the moment and paying attention).
  • Go after a career opportunity – dedicate yourself to and put the effort in (hustle). 

Taken together, relationships, skills, character (and hustle) equate to what Jon calls and trademarked the Career Savings Account™. This made me wonder how the account would apply to people hitting “career dead-end.” Ideas?

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