Standing Out to Get In!

The unusual story and the unexpected results of a student who had the courage to stand in front of the London google office to score a job interview.

This is an interview with Ivan De Ramón who stood outside of Google’s London office with a cardboard sign and a stack of CV’s in order to land a job interview.

My takeaways were:

  • Resilience pays off. Ivan faced many discouraging NOs and criticism before he finally got a yes.
  • Try unusual things if you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Ivan explains how he thought about this unusual idea and what convinced him to do it.
  • The unexpected rewards from trying something extraordinary. 5.3 Mio. views, 10.000 + likes, and new opportunities he could not have dreamed of.

What are your takeaways and reflections?

Let us know in the comments below!

Ivan’s post on LinkedIn.

Ivan’s LinkedIn Profile.

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