What are you not saying that needs to be said?

Journal Prompt #3

It can be so freeing to say these things, but we often fear the hurt that comes with it, although things might be better in the long run.⁠ But saying what needs to be said is sometimes essential to be seen for and thus become the person that you want to be next.⁠

For me, a big thing is to tell people NO! No, I don’t want this job. No, I don’t want to coach you for free, although you are a friend. No, I don’t want to write this paper or talk about this topic that I am no longer interested in. ⁠

If I do say no, I feel guilt and relief at the same time. Guilty for not helping or engaging and relieved because I am free to pursue what I want to pursue. ⁠

What is it that you don’t say that needs to be said?⁠

As this prompt shows, journaling is one of the most powerful self-development tools out there. The best part, it is free!

Once you developed a journaling habit, you have it for life. You won’t even need prompts anymore. Journaling is like a paper coach without a $250 US/h price tag.

In case you want to step up your journaling game, and develop journaling as a self-coaching habit, check out the Journaling 101 course. It will teach you techniques that researchers found to help you grow personally and professionally, get happier, manage your time, and overcome obstacles.

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