What are you not saying that needs to be said?

Journal Prompt #3

It can be so freeing to say these things, but we often fear the hurt that comes with it, although things might be better in the long run.⁠ But saying what needs to be said is sometimes essential to be seen for and thus become the person that you want to be next.⁠

For me, a big thing is to tell people NO! No, I don’t want this job. No, I don’t want to coach you for free, although you are a friend. No, I don’t want to write this paper or talk about this topic that I am no longer interested in. ⁠

If I do say no, I feel guilt and relief at the same time. Guilty for not helping or engaging and relieved because I am free to pursue what I want to pursue. ⁠

What is it that you don’t say that needs to be said?⁠

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