When have you experienced something similar?

Journal Prompt #11

Do you feel stuck, or do you lack options? My guess is that you already know the answer!

My experience and belief are that people generally know the answers to the questions they ask. All I have to do is help them unearth it.

This is especially true when it comes to life and career transitions. We think that what we try to do is entirely new to us, and we never had an experience like this. But this is only partly true.

We never had the exact same experience, but we usually had similar experiences. Unearthing these similar experiences can provide us with important clues and options we haven’t considered yet.

Hence, if you wonder about the next move, ask yourself:

When have I experienced something similar?

Beyond this initial question, you can ask:

  • What did I do in these circumstances?
  • Who or what helped me?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • What could be a next step?

As this prompt shows, journaling is one of the most powerful self-development tools out there. The best part, it is free!

Once you developed a journaling habit, you have it for life. You won’t even need prompts anymore. Journaling is like a paper coach without a $250 US/h price tag.

In case you want to step up your journaling game, and develop journaling as a self-coaching habit, check out the Journaling 101 course. It will teach you techniques that researchers found to help you grow personally and professionally, get happier, manage your time, and overcome obstacles.

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