Who do you need to hear from in order to trust yourself to do this?

Journal Prompt #4

This is a question I asked myself two weeks ago, when I thought about taking my Life Design university class online.

I was unsure whether or not I should do it. I lacked the trust in my ability to pull it off as I wondered “can I do this,” “would people be interested,” … So I asked myself “Who do I need to hear from, in order to trust myself to do this?”

The answer: You! So I recorded a short video, posted it on LinkedIn, and anxiously waited for the response. While the ask was easy, waiting for the response was a little nerve wrecking. But what followed, blew me away.

Former students, clients, friends, and fellow Students of Becoming reached out. The provided encouragement, reminded me of past successes that I already forgot about, and offered their help. Further, some reached out and asked if they could pre-book a spot. It was amazing and gave me the confidence I needed to start building the course page. But, enough about me.

What do I need to hear, and from whom, in order to trust myself?

You don’t have to do this publicly, an email, a call, or a DM might do the trick. Beyond a public outreach, I email friends, experts, my girlfriend, or my mom <3 to hear what I need to hear to trust myself. 

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