Who do you need to hear from in order to trust yourself to do this?

Journal Prompt #4

This is a question I asked myself two weeks ago, when I thought about taking my Life Design university class online.

I was unsure whether or not I should do it. I lacked the trust in my ability to pull it off as I wondered “can I do this,” “would people be interested,” … So I asked myself “Who do I need to hear from, in order to trust myself to do this?”

The answer: You! So I recorded a short video, posted it on LinkedIn, and anxiously waited for the response. While the ask was easy, waiting for the response was a little nerve wrecking. But what followed, blew me away.

Former students, clients, friends, and fellow Students of Becoming reached out. The provided encouragement, reminded me of past successes that I already forgot about, and offered their help. Further, some reached out and asked if they could pre-book a spot. It was amazing and gave me the confidence I needed to start building the course page. But, enough about me.

What do I need to hear, and from whom, in order to trust myself?

You don’t have to do this publicly, an email, a call, or a DM might do the trick. Beyond a public outreach, I email friends, experts, my girlfriend, or my mom <3 to hear what I need to hear to trust myself. 

As this prompt shows, journaling is one of the most powerful self-development tools out there. The best part, it is free!

Once you developed a journaling habit, you have it for life. You won’t even need prompts anymore. Journaling is like a paper coach without a $250 US/h price tag.

In case you want to step up your journaling game, and develop journaling as a self-coaching habit, check out the Journaling 101 course. It will teach you techniques that researchers found to help you grow personally and professionally, get happier, manage your time, and overcome obstacles.

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